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Who We Are

VYSYS is an U.S. established OEM manufacturer and supplier of high-performance LED Video display solutions. Our extensive line of products are designed to meet the highest level of specification for performance and functionality the suit the needs of critical viewing applications. VYSYS has standardized its product line to integrate advanced LED technology to provide a universal level of flexibility and advantages to its users for both indoor and outdoor applications to result in the best possible ROI. 

As a U.S. based company with a worldwide presence, VYSYS continously strives to offer creative, flexible solutions, product reliability, and second-to-none support.  VYSYS offers dynamic LED video wall solutions with critically acclaimed designs that can uniquely suit a variety of commerical applications for mobile use and permanent installations.

Your creation is our innovation.

Custom Creative LED by VYSYS DYNAMIC

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Standardized High-Performance LED Display Solutions

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Our Technology

Designed for universal flexibility, ease of use, powerful functions, and robutst longevity.

Lightweight Touring

Modular touring solutions utilizing magnesium carbon fiber frames to reduce weightload, improve wind resistance and reduce shipping costs. Stackable touring carts for quick setup and tear down.

HDR Enabled

Deep blacks, vivid colors. All VYSYS LED panels are HDR enabled with minimum 16-bit grayscale for expanded color rendering capabilities at all brightness levels. Puretone maintains color uniformity and balance across the entire grayscale.

Brompton Tessera Processing

The most powerful name in LED processing. Precise, powerful high resolution processing designed for reliability with support for high frame rates up 144FPS and ultra-low latency applications as low as 2FPS. Exceptional color calibration functionality across multiple batches.

4-in-1 MiniLED Technology

Ultra-fine pitch, direct-view LED display solutions designed for durability and enhanced optical quality. Common cathode ray technology for optimized power consumption.

Creative LED Solutions

Creativity not limited by product. Customized creative solutions of any shape, size, or design with automation options. LED beyond 4 corners.

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