Creative LED Display Solutions

Limitless Design Possiblities — Expanded

VYSYS DYNAMIC offers customized creative LED display solutions that go beyond the broad range of our standard product line. VYSYS DYNAMIC allows customers to customize the shape, size and form of their creative LED display to deliver artistic appeal that lift any design to an entire new level.

VYSYS DYNAMIC works closely alongside its clients to meticulously design and engineer a custom, creative LED solution that can provide exceptional performance, function and reliability in every aspect that is backed by second-to-none after-sales support.

Detailed down to every pixel, VYSYS DYNAMIC service can be designed as a full turnkey solution that can be suited for permanent installations or touring performances that are applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications while continuing our desire to offer the most advanced LED technology at the highest-specification.


VYSYS DYNAMIC line of creative LED display solutions further expand the creative flexibility and scalability already offered among our diverse product line of modular LED video tiles. VYSYS DYNAMIC is capable of producing LED displays in unique shapes and forms. With expanded flexibility to precisely define its specifications for size, resolution, rigging and integration.

Available Forms:

  • 3D LED Displays including Flat and Rounded
  • Curved LED Displays
  • LED Ring Displays
  • Wedge LED Displays
  • Hexagonal/Octagonal LED Displays
  • Multi-Sided LED Displays
  • Transparent LED Displays
  • and More
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Give your unique creation a breath of life! Make it move and transform your environment at the touch of a button. VYSYS DYNAMIC customized LED displays can be designed to integrate with automated rigging with strategic customization with partner manufacturers to ensure your moving LED screen functions as its intended while meeting strict safety guidelines.


VYSYS understands how lighting plays an important role in visuals. VYSYS DYNAMIC LED displays can be customized to integrate with intelligent static and moving light fixtures into the LED display structure. Our DYNAMIC team can also supply or specify appropriate light fixtures or curate the LED screen to specified fixtures based on your vision to ensure the best possible performance. All VYSYS creative LED displays can be configured with rigging points, power and DMX lines for lighting fixures. Our unique processing technology can allow for lighting fixtures to receive video data that allows provides a stunning project aerial effect that compliments the content on the LED screen.

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