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Broadcast-grade LED Video Walls with Revitalizing Optical Technology

LED displays can offer TV and broadcast studios a truly seamless large scale display solution that can deliver an immersive, transforming experience to viewers with numerous creative and optical advantages. The modern broadcast studio environment has transitioned from static display imagery and green screens to a full, dynamic, content-driven, treasure trove of creative visual capabilities that no other technology augments better than the latest LED display technology.

LED video walls in a broadcast environment can be configured in multiple variations and configurations that offer the capability to be rearranged on-site. The modular design of LED display panels provides an expanded level of versatility that effortlessly compliments your a set design, or even multiple set designs for years to come.

Unlike LCD solutions, LED video walls deliver are truly seamless and can be less expensive than a narrow-bezel LCD alternative while offering a greater level of functionality. Ultra-fine pitch solutions with MiniLED technology can provide a high level of content detail to viewers and talent on camera. Advanced LED display technology can offer exceptional on-camera performance minimizing moire and flickering. A bespoke LED display solution can be low maintenance, cost-effective, flexible solution that can provide long-term benefits for your studio.

Critical Advanced Optical Technology

The modern broadcast studio can be among one of the most critical applications for LED displays. No video wall fits all. A high-performance LED video display system that embraces advanced LED technology can ensure your investment meets the vital specifications for your studio that performs with your equipment and is adaptable to advances in broadcast technology in the future.

VYSYS LED display solutions standardize the latest LED display technology at the highest specification to ensure exceptional performance without compromise. Our extensive development of 4-in-1 MiniLED technology can offer a great level of on-camera performance with robust durability with added support for HDR and 18-bit grayscale for an expanded color rendering that result in a stunning interactive focal point for the camera.

4-in-1 MiniLED Technology

Advanced LED pixel design for greater optical performance. Robust anti-collision design with a unique fill factor to deliver wider viewing angles, higher contrast levels and reduced moire on camera. Common-cathode technology for reduced power consumption.

UHD + HDR Support

Advanced LED processing that simplifies the ability to offer true 4K & 8K capabilities on a large scale. Standard HDR support with 18-bit grayscale for detailed color rendering across the gamut range.

Brompton Tessera Processing

A precise level of control and enhanced performance. Powerful LED processing with ease of use and dynamic color calibration for expandability. Support for high frame rate and ultra-low latency applications.

Flexible Creativity

Lightweight LED displays solutions catered to any creative application. Available curved, and 90-degree solutions with multiple mounting/rigging options for versatile integration and set changes.

Creative | Flexible | Functional

LED video walls provide a unique level of creative versatility while providing advantageous functionality that compliments ease of installation, serviceability, and longevity. Our extensive line of LED panels and accessories offer seamless integration options for direct wall mount, floor supported or suspended/flown applications. Creative adaptability for curved and 90-degree corner displays that can be permanently fixated or field adjusted.

All VYSYS LED display panels have been designed to provide integrators and users with functional convenience. Standard front-serviceability with modular detachable components provide a greater level of convenience and stability that can effectively reduce downtime to a minimum and simplify installation.

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