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House of Worship LED Video Solutions with Revitalized Performance

LED screens can offer religious organizations of any type a higher level of creative visual function while effectively engaging their congregation in a variety of worship applications. Whether your organization requires a portable or permanent solution, an LED video wall can serve an expanded array of services and events that can help teach, inform, and enhance your production.

House of worship LED video walls can be configured to any size with indoor and outdoor options. The modular design of LED display panels to provide an expanded level of scalability and creativity that effortlessly compliments the design of your stage or studio while providing exceptional visual performance.

LED video walls deliver a vivid, large-scale seamless image in various environmental conditions that can display any form of text, image, video and camera feeds. Suitable for IMAG, indoor/outdoor signage, interactive displays, and creative visual FX. LED video walls can offer the best on-camera performance being an excellent choice for streaming or broadcasting environments. A bespoke LED display solution can be a low maintenance, cost-effective, flexible solution that can provide long-term benefit for your organization.

A Revalation in LED Display Technology

In an environment where performance can matter most. A true, high-peformance LED video display system can ensure your organization’s investment meets the critical specifications to perform according to the needs of your environment and equipment while provide beautifully stunning content that engages your audience in-person and on-camera.

The VYSYS line LED display solutions have been meticulously designed to standardize the highest level in LED display technology. For organizations seeking a heightened level of visual performance with durability and functionality, VYSYS offers unique solutions for 4K & 8K resolutions, HDR technology, low-latency integration, and refined LED pixel specifciation that ensure the greatest level of visual performance for critical applications.

UHD + HDR Support

Advanced LED processing that simplifies the ability to offer true 4K & 8K capabilities on a large scale. Standard HDR support with 18-bit grayscale levels for enhanced color rendering and truly vivid images.

Advanced Pixel Technology

Designed for robust durability and enhanced image performance. Wide viewing angles with uncompromised contrast. Standard high refresh and scan rates for fluid image movements and exceptional on-camera appearance.

Brompton Tessera Processing

A precise level of control and enhanced performance. Powerful LED processing with ease of use and dynamic color calibration for expandability. Support for high frame rate and ultra-low latency applications.

Flexible Creativity

Lightweight LED displays solutions catered to any creative application. Available curved, and 90-degree solutions with multiple mounting/rigging options for both mobile and permanent installations.

Dual-Purpose Indoor & Outdoor

A single LED display solution with curated LEDs suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments with uncompromised image quality at all brightness levels. High-resolution options with vivid visibility and IP65-rated protection.

Creative | Flexible | Functional

Whether you’re on the road or designing your sanctuary, LED video walls provide a unique level of creative flexibility while providing advantageous functionality that compliments ease of installation, serviceability and longevity. Our extensive line of LED panels and accessories offer seamless integration options for direct wall mount, floor supported or suspended/flown applications. Along with creative adaptability for curved and 90-degree corner displays that can be permanently fixated or field adjusted.

All VYSYS LED display panels have been designed to provide integrators and users with functional convenience. Standard front-serviceability with modular detachable components provide a greater level of convenience and stability that can effectively reduce down time to minimum and simplify installation.

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