3.9mm Indoor LED Video Wall Panel

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Lightweight Flexible Performance

The VXI-3 is a flexible, lightweight LED video tile designed to meet the most crtical large-scale viewing applications in a wide range of applications. Designed to deliver second-to-none optical performance with functional flexibility for a turnkey solution suitable for mobile and fixed install instances. A modular, lightweight carbon fiber frame complimented by a patented interlocking system allows for a 3° and 5° concave/convex orientation for true creative flexibility for any event.

VXI-3 is HDR-enabled with an extended grayscale up to 18-bit +/- for an exceptionally wide color gamut that expands its color flexibility throughout the grayscale. A 3,840hz refresh rate with formulated IC drivers, as well as ultra-low latency support, provides fluid image movements and exceptional appearance on professional cameras.

All Performance - No Compromises

Lightweight | Efficient | Flexible

A light-weight, low-profile design. VXI-series patented carbon fiber frame provide a robust solution while reducing weight load. An integrated flat/concave/convex locking system allows for expanded creative flexibility in both flown and ground stack configurations.

Front & rear serviceability with magnetically attached LED modules and fully detachable power boxes provide an extra level of convenience for limited access and permanent install applications.

HDR Enabled | 18-Bit +/- Gray Scale

VXI-3 standardizes the highest specification of image rendering capabilities available. A combination of formulated LED pixels and driving ICs allow for high-contrast image rendering at all brightness levels with bar-none fluid image movements for critical playback demands.

Standardized HDR support with a grayscale level up to 18-bit +/- enabled deliver a truly expanded color spectrum to provide the most accurate color rendering throughout the expansive grayscale. An adjustable refresh rate up 3,840hz combined with a high scan rate ensure exceptional on-camera performance.

Powerful | Precise

Brompton Tessera

The highest level of performance and precise control for LED. VXI-series LED panels come standard with dual Brompton R2 receiving cards for expanded high-resolution processing while optimizing HDR capabilities and supporting low-latency applications. Dynamic calibration for cross-rental color calibration between batches along with smart module calibration to always ensure color consistency throughout your screen.

VXI-Series is alternatively available with a NovaStar A8S receiving card for NovaStar compatibility. COEX compatibility coming soon.

1:1 | More Flexibility

For added flexibility. VXI-series is available in a 500x500mm (19×19″) variant.  Cross-compatible with standard-size VXI units.


Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm

LED Type: SMD2020

Brightness: 1,500 NITS

Viewing Angle: 160° H | 140° V

Refresh Rate: 3,840+ hz

Grayscale: 16-18 bit +/-
Material: Carbon Fiber/Magnesium

Dimensions: 19.6 x 39.2 x 3.4″ (500x1000x90mm) | Squared: 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.4″ (500x500x90mm)

Weight: 22lbs | Squared: 10lbs

Curvature:  Flat + 3° or 5° Concave/Convex

Serviceability: Front/Rear

Ingress Protection Rating: IP43
Receiving Card: Brompton R2 (standard) / NovaStar A8S (optional) / NovaStar CA50 (coming soon)

Frame Rate: Up to 120hz
Power Connection: Neutrik PowerCON True1

Signal Connection: EtherCON

Voltage: 120-240v

Average Power: 100w / panel

Max Power: 290w / panel




Ground support system for VXI series.



6-Panel flight case for VXI-Series. Rolling, Stackable.



Dual-purpose rigging bar for flying or use as ground-stack base.


Brompton Tessera

Powerful, high-resolution processing. Full Tesserra product line suitable for any critical application.